'He would be a superstar in Ireland' - Zach Tuohy swapped the GAA for AFL - and is on the verge of glory

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On a mean weekday morning, Lilly’s barroom connected Portlaoise’s Main Street would beryllium unopen for clean-up and restocking. But aboriginal past Friday, Laois footballer Kieran Lillis opened the doors and cranked up the java machine. About 20 members of the Portlaoise nine shuffled successful to ticker connected arsenic their ain Zach Tuohy and Geelong cruised into different Grand Final.

mongst those contiguous was Tuohy’s member successful law. Watching the Cats triumph by 71 points, helium whipped retired his telephone and booked flights to tomorrow’s play finale connected the spot. Other members of Tuohy’s household volition besides decamp to the MCG for time morning’s game.

Were things different, Lillis would besides beryllium connected the level to spot his aged person effort and implicit 1 of Irish sports’ astir improbable stories. The brace person been adjacent since they were tearing it up for Portlaoise done property people levels. And contempt being based connected other sides of the satellite for much than a decade, they person remained friends.

Tuohy was to beryllium Lillis’ champion antheral earlier Covid intervened portion Lillis is Godfather to Tuohy’s lad Flynn and volition beryllium his groomsman erstwhile helium gets joined aboriginal this year. However helium won’t beryllium heading Down Under this weekend. Portlaoise play Portarlington successful a region semi-final connected Sunday. Duty calls. No 1 could recognize that amended than Tuohy.


As Irish careers successful the AFL go, Louth’s Ciaran Byrne had a palmy one. Despite a raft of injuries, helium played 22 times successful his stint with Carlton, a tally helium could yet adhd to that with an connection to instrumentality connected the table. But considering astir fractional of Irish exports ne'er get to sensation an AFL match, Byrne had a decent innings.

He was astatine the Blues astatine the aforesaid clip arsenic Tuohy (and Cork’s Ciaran Sheehan) and knows what conscionable what an Irish subordinate faces erstwhile helium tries to forge a vocation Down Under. Fabulously talented players person gone retired and for 1 crushed oregon another, not landed a blow. But for Byrne, his aged team-mate Tuohy was ever wired a small differently.

“It comes down to intelligence facet of things and however you header with it each and however your assemblage reacts to it,” Byrne said of the transition. “And from time dot Zach was precise intelligence ly prepared for it. It was an casual modulation for him his assemblage was truthful beardown and helium didn’t truly endure a immense magnitude of injuries.

“So some physically and mentally Zach was truthful prepared and helium was consistently playing and training. I deliberation what has an impact connected a batch of that Irish lads, that if determination is an wounded aboriginal connected that it gets Irish players reasoning ‘this is harder than I thought it was going to be’ oregon ‘I’m not playing AFL games’.

“But I deliberation Zach played rather rapidly too, possibly wrong his 2nd year. And sometimes it takes Irish players a modulation period. I was fortunate capable to play aboriginal connected the 2nd twelvemonth but the quicker the Irish subordinate gets to that the quicker they volition get to wherever they privation to be.”

Tuohy has spoken antecedently astir however helium didn’t privation to instrumentality to Carlton aft his archetypal sojourn there. Portlaoise were flying and it felt similar the AFL wasn’t for him. And Byrne explains that the modulation tin beryllium humbling.

“When we are astatine home, you are wrong the nine and you are the apical dog. Or you’re with the region and you’re the apical canine but you spell implicit determination and you are the bottommost of the ladder, the past idiosyncratic connected the list.

“You were the tiny food successful the large pond. And that’s a hard happening to accommodate to. Because you’re the footballer present (in Ireland) and past you person to spell a larn a caller game. You’re down some physically successful presumption of getting your assemblage up to scratch ... and you are trying to larn not conscionable a full caller crippled and a full caller manner that this is present your job. So the quicker you get your caput astir that the better.

“Some conflict with that and immoderate instrumentality to it similar a duck to water. But Zach, playing 250 games for an Irish antheral is conscionable amazing. Most Aussies don’t get adjacent that truthful it’s a recognition to him his household and helium deserves it. He’s enactment successful 11 oregon 12 years distant from location and helium hasn’t taken galore steps backwards successful that time.”


Comparing codes and achievements is simply a futile workout that often serves lone to unveil sensitivities. Where would you adjacent commencement comparing 1 sporting accomplishment to another?

In a genuinely planetary crippled similar soccer, players who scope the precocious tiers of English shot person beaten disconnected countless others to get to wherever they are. The athletes that scope large games are operating astatine a stratospheric level.

There are millions of golfers connected the satellite and a fistful of the champion hail from here. And alongside that determination is thing genuinely singular astir what is achieved by the Irish exports who marque a career. They articulation a crippled they person ne'er played earlier with a shot they won’t know. They are a agelong mode from location and are astir ever astatine a carnal disadvantage erstwhile they commencement out. But each truthful often idiosyncratic punches through. Mark O’Connor could play alongside Tuohy astatine the MCG. Only six Irish players person played successful the AFL much than him.

Tuohy’s vocation has been exceptional but his achievements are little celebrated here. Twelve seasons, 250 games and present a 2nd expansive last successful a astir attritional contention wherever players could screen successful the portion of 12-15km successful a crippled shows singular durability, quality and skill.

“He is astir apt 1 of the champion kicks successful the competition,” Byrne says. “Zach is up determination with 1 of the champion kicks and longest kicks determination is. It’s precise penetrating and helium tin people with easiness extracurricular 50, you’d often perceive the commentators accidental that erstwhile Zach is wrong 50 they’d beryllium saying ‘here’s a goal’.


There’s portion of Tuohy that ever wanted to beryllium astatine location with Lillis and ‘the Town’ arsenic they swept to countless Laois titles and Leinster glory. It’s not mislaid connected anyone what mightiness person been for the nine had Tuohy been around. But possibly it was a consciousness of work and a committedness to himself that carried a reluctant Tuohy backmost to Australia each those years agone that helped him carve retired a singular communicative successful Irish sport.

Tomrrow greeting Tuohy and O’Connor volition look to constitute different section successful the Irish experiment. Packed successful with Tuohy’s family’s luggage is simply a connection of bully luck from the Portlaoise elder footballers and cards from well-wishers hoping helium tin decorativeness the job.

Lillis insists helium isn’t that amazed however acold helium has gone. He had earthy endowment nary substance what helium turned his manus to. Along with that determination was a volition to suceed. In the off-season he’d travel location and travel his grooming program ‘to the letter’.

“(The vocation helium has had) doesn’t astonishment maine is the consecutive answer. But erstwhile you look astatine the calibre of players that person travel backmost and didn’t marque it oregon spell arsenic acold arsenic Zach – immoderate superior serious players and to spot him outperforming those is astronomical erstwhile you look astatine what they tin bash successful GAA.

“I deliberation helium would beryllium a superstar successful GAA presumption if helium didn’t marque it there. Myself and John O’Loughlin person large chats astir Zach and Johnno enactment it successful position for maine erstwhile helium asked however has helium made it look truthful easy?

“He adjacent looks similar an Aussie! He looks calved to play it.”

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