Greg Norman comes under fire from Capitol Hill for ‘pimping Saudi money’

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Greg Norman has been accused by American lawmakers of “pimping a cardinal dollars of Saudi Arabian money” and spreading “propaganda”.

orman, the main enforcement of LIV Golf, spoke with high-ranking politicians connected a sojourn to Capitol Hill and successful immoderate quarters his input was welcomed arsenic the statement implicit the PGA Tour and anti-competition rules intensifies. But pursuing Norman’s 20-minute presumption to the Republican Study Committee, immoderate Congress representatives were not astatine each complimentary astir his lobbying for the Saudi-funded circuit.

“Don’t travel successful present and enactment similar you’re doing immoderate large thing, portion you’re pimping a cardinal dollars of Saudi Arabian money,” Chip Roy, a typical of Texas, said. “I respect Greg and his [right] to bash immoderate helium wants to do. But this isn’t astir axenic competition.

“Don’t travel successful present and effort to merchantability maine thing that is not what you’re really selling. You’re selling thing that is precise overmuch successful furniture with the Saudis, truthful the Saudis tin execute their nonsubjective and Greg tin execute his.

“He’s ever wanted to person a rival cognition to instrumentality connected the Tour, and he’s been incapable to bash it until helium got a billion-dollar sweetener daddy known arsenic the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.”

Another representative, Tim Burchett, walked retired of Norman’s talk. Burchett said: “It’s propaganda. I don’t privation to perceive astir that. It’s not Congress’s concern to settee a combat betwixt a clump of billionaires implicit a crippled of golf.”

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