Graduating in 2022: Graduates face hurdles but recruitment remains strong

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There person ne'er been much radical astatine work. Employers are crying retired for staff, and the existent harvest of graduates person much opportunities than ever before.

Recent figures from the Central Statistics Office amusement that astir sectors of the system person grown implicit the past year, with peculiar surges successful accommodation and food, construction, accusation and connection technology, subject and nonrecreational services. Unemployment, astatine conscionable 4.5 per cent, is the lowest it has been since 2005.

For job-seekers, this is each bully quality - adjacent though it doesn’t instrumentality distant the biggest hurdle for adjacent the best-paid graduates: uncovering a spot to unrecorded oregon adjacent a country to rent. And, astatine a clip erstwhile rampant ostentation and soaring vigor costs are driving up prices for everyone, having a decent occupation is nary warrant that you tin wage the bills.

“There are informing signs successful the economical outlook,” says Joan McNaboe, who heads up the skills and labour labour marketplace probe astatine Solas, the further acquisition and grooming agency.

“There is rising inflation, proviso concatenation issues and a slowdown successful depletion - each antagonistic indicators - and yet it is not showing. We person rarely, if ever, had specified a roar successful the system with these kinds of acheronian clouds implicit us.”

The jobs outlook

The pandemic saw galore doors adjacent for young people, with a spike successful younker unemployment. The caller CSO labour unit survey, however, recovered that the unemployment complaint among 15-24 year-olds was 11 per cent successful the 2nd 4th of 2022, down from 21.1 per cent from the aforesaid clip play past year.

“There are tons of jobs for graduates, and we person ne'er been arsenic engaged with advertizing postgraduate programmes,” says Brendan Baker, caput of the vocation improvement centre astatine Maynooth University.

“After Covid, companies are keen to get backmost retired determination and conscionable graduates, and they privation to travel to campus. They are competing for graduates, and our bureau is letting graduates cognize astir the jobs retired determination and however to enactment done the exertion processes.”

Ruairi Kavanagh, exertion of, which volition tally its postgraduate just successful Dublin’s RDS connected September 28, says that postgraduate recruitment is successful a steadfast place.

“It is the biggest just we person ever had, with good implicit 100 stands. Graduate recruitment is successful a bully spot arsenic organisations spot to physique up their pipeline again, and companies are consenting to put successful graduates.

“The pandemic saw immoderate companies pausing oregon scaling backmost their graduates programmes, but astir kept going with virtual onboarding wherever possible. And, of course, determination were areas similar transport, logistics, retail and beingness sciences wherever graduates were inactive needed to beryllium determination successful person.

“While we are successful uncertain times with inflation, speech of recession, and planetary conflict, determination is inactive a batch for graduates to beryllium affirmative about.”

Kavanagh says that determination is simply a way for each graduates, irrespective of their superior degree.

“Employers privation well-rounded graduates who person transferable skills, though of people determination is peculiar request successful areas similar tech support, information investigation and languages.”

Behind the headlines astir skills shortages, McNaboe points retired that galore of these are really astir the deficiency of experienced radical to instrumentality connected cardinal roles.

“But much important than shortages is demand, and we are seeing tons of this. In pharma, employment is truly beardown and it is creating existent request for engineering roles,” she says.

“The request for IT professionals, peculiarly bundle developers, is creating tons of opportunities.

“Construction has rebounded arsenic a effect of authorities targets for lodging and clime [mitigation and sustainability] measures, though it could beryllium impacted by proviso concatenation issues. Related to this is simply a request for civilian engineers, architects and quantity surveyors, portion carpenters, electricians and plumbers are besides needed.”

The hospitality assemblage has been successful betterment mode since the pandemic, and determination is simply a precocious request for edifice managers and - for astatine slightest the seventh twelvemonth successful a enactment - there’s inactive a shortage of chefs.

“The maturation of the ICT assemblage is helping to make a batch of roles, including one sales, method income and integer marketing,” says McNaboe.

“Overall, much Irish are coming backmost than are leaving the state and the availability of distant enactment is helping to a degree, due to the fact that radical whitethorn lone person to commute for a time oregon 2 a week [which makes it easier to entree occupation opportunities extracurricular the bigger towns and cities].”

Working to exist

Baker is uncovering that astir graduates person a penchant for imperishable roles arsenic opposed to short-term contracts.

That mightiness dependable astonishing to those who person bigged up the “gig economy” and pushed the thought of “side hustles” (arguably an effort to normalise the thought of turning hobbies and enjoyment into a 2nd occupation truthful you tin spend the outgo of existence). But for a procreation who person small to nary information successful renting a home, it makes consciousness to question information wherever you tin get it, particularly wherever employees person greater prime than ever earlier successful what jobs they use for.

“At the moment, determination is simply a consciousness of disillusionment, peculiarly from graduates who person been successful the workplace for a twelvemonth oregon two,” says Baker. “They consciousness they did their [art with schoolhouse and college, but don’t cognize present if they volition spend a house. In presumption of getting into the workforce, however, determination are jobs.”

Irish graduates person ever emigrated, whether to get caller experiences abroad, due to the fact that enactment was not disposable present - and often with some propulsion and propulsion factors astatine play. Today, determination whitethorn beryllium jobs but nary viable imaginable of a home.

Kavanagh says that the lodging situation is impacting graduates, with much companies hiring radical to enactment remotely due to the fact that workers cannot find a spot to unrecorded successful Ireland’s main cities and towns.

“Companies are having to look astatine hybrid and distant moving options, adjacent if, long-term, they mightiness similar employees to beryllium successful the bureau much often than not. But I don’t deliberation anyone anticipated the oversea alteration the pandemic would bring astir successful presumption of the 9am-5pm civilization of sitting astatine your desk.

“There’s nary going back. Remote moving means you tin flight the decease march for graduates of having to walk astir fractional your wage connected rent.”

Top categories for postgraduate jobs successful Ireland (Jan-Jul 2022):
Software development11%
Civil engineering7%
Information plan & documentation6%
Mechanical engineering6%
* Data provided by

Positive indicators from survey for vocation experts

A 2022 postgraduate employers survey carried retired for Association of Higher Education Career Services (AHECS), compiled by the University of Limerick, surveyed 345 local, nationalist and planetary multinationals, tiny to mean sized enterprises (SMEs) and not-for-profits crossed a scope of industries.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the survey recovered that the highest fig (43 per cent) of postgraduate jobs are successful the eastbound of Ireland, followed by the southwest astatine 20 per cent, the southeast astatine 18 per cent and the midwest astatine 14 per cent. Meanwhile, 8 per cent of postgraduate hires were successful the borderline region, 7 per cent successful the west, 4 per cent successful the midlands and 3 per cent successful Northern Ireland.

The survey besides recovered that 84 per cent of companies volition enlistee astatine slightest the aforesaid fig of graduates arsenic past year, compared to 75 per cent past year. Just 5 per cent said that they volition enlistee little graduates than past year, and nary institution said it was readying to cancel its postgraduate recruitment plans - a affirmative motion successful a clip of economical uncertainty.

The mean postgraduate salary, according to the AHECS survey, is €29,287, but those with a masters grade person an mean wage of 33,299, portion PhD graduates tin expect an mean of €34,082.

Demand for engineering graduates is high, with 48 per cent of the companies surveyed looking to employment them, portion 30 per cent of companies looked for concern graduates, 25 per cent wanted ICT and electronics graduates, 16 per cent wanted subject graduates, 9 per cent wanted acquisition grads and different 9 per cent wanted humanities graduates, 7 per cent wanted instrumentality graduates, 6 per cent wanted originative graduates and different 6 per cent wanted to prosecute wellness sciences graduates. Finally, 11 per cent were consenting to prosecute graduates from immoderate discipline.

The survey besides indicated that 40 per cent of companies who hired students connected enactment acquisition aboriginal took them backmost arsenic postgraduate hires.

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