George Ezra pulls out of Danish festival with ‘nasty bout of laryngitis’

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George Ezra has had to propulsion retired of performing astatine a festival successful Denmark connected Friday owed to a “nasty bout of laryngitis”.

he Hertfordshire-born singer-songwriter precocious secured his 3rd fig 1 medium with his astir caller merchandise Gold Rush Kid.

In a connection posted connected Twitter, helium said: “Hello everybody, I’m perfectly gutted to accidental that I won’t beryllium capable to execute astatine Tinderbox Festival successful Denmark tomorrow.

“I’ve travel down with a nasty bout of laryngitis and nether doctor’s orders I’ve been advised to spell connected afloat vocal remainder for 48 hours.

“I hatred having to cancel shows but sadly this 1 is retired of my control. So atrocious to everyone that was readying connected coming down to spot maine and the band. Love, George.”

Tinderbox Festival volition instrumentality spot successful the Danish metropolis of Odense betwixt June 23 and June 25, with headliners including Stormzy and Imagine Dragons.

Ezra precocious performed astatine the Platinum Party At The Palace arsenic portion of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

The 29-year-old was asked to alteration the lyrics to his deed azygous Green Green Grass arsenic portion of the show to region a notation to death.

During the show extracurricular Buckingham Palace, the lyrics “Green greenish grass, bluish blue sky, you amended propulsion a enactment connected the time that I die” were edited to region the notation to dying.

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Speaking astir the determination to edit the song, Ezra aboriginal said: “When you’re playing for the royal family, erstwhile they accidental ‘jump’, you jump, you don’t question it.”

Ezra’s adjacent confirmed show is astatine Main Square Festival successful Arras, France, connected July 3.

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