Fresh calls for Border poll in wake of NI census results

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There were caller calls connected Thursday to program for a referendum connected Irish unity pursuing the merchandise of census results which revealed Catholics present outnumber Protestants successful Northern Ireland for the archetypal clip successful its history.

Sinn Féin MP John Finucane said the figures were “another wide denotation that historical alteration is happening crossed this island” and was “irreversible”.

He repeated his party’s telephone for the authorities to found a citizen’s assembly to program for a imaginable Border poll, saying “planning and dialog and engagement needs to hap now, and it indispensable see radical from each backgrounds and communities”.

However, unionist politicians downplayed the figures, informing against “simplistic and lazy” conclusions based connected spiritual headcount and emphasising governmental opinions could not beryllium extrapolated from spiritual allegiance.

According to the census, radical from a Catholic inheritance present comprise 45.7 per cent of the North’s colonisation portion 43.5 per cent are Protestant. A further 1.5 per cent beryllium to other, non-Christian religions and 9.3 per cent person nary religion.

When asked astir nationalist identity, the percent of radical who said they were British fell from astir 40 per cent to 32 per cent, portion those who said they were Irish lone accrued from 25 per cent to 29 per cent. About 20 per cent said they were Northern Irish only.

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The census besides demonstrated a dramatic, Brexit-related summation successful the fig of Irish passport holders successful Northern Ireland, wherever a 3rd of radical present person an Irish passport.

SDLP person Colum Eastwood said it was a “seminal infinitesimal successful the past of modern Ireland” and the figures showed the North had been “transformed utterly 100 years connected from partition”.

He said helium hoped “we tin each present instrumentality a infinitesimal of superior and sincere reflection astir the standard of alteration we person experienced and perpetrate to a speech astir the almighty imaginable for alteration successful the future.”

The caput of the civic pro-unity radical Ireland’s Future, Niall Murphy, said the Northern Secretary should “now instantly clarify the criteria” which volition beryllium utilized erstwhile deciding whether oregon not to telephone a Border poll. “The trouble successful assessing the value of the census is that British secretaries of state, whose statutory work it is to telephone a Border canvass erstwhile it is apt to beryllium approved by the electorate, person refused to acceptable retired what the metrics [are] by which they volition marque that important assessment,” helium said, adding that “the nationalist deserves certainty connected this cardinal issue”.

‘Shared future’

However, DUP Assembly subordinate Philip Brett said the results demonstrated Northern Ireland was present made up of 3 spiritual minorities and that implicit the past 20 years, the fig of radical voting for Border canvass parties has declined. “Rather than absorption connected a divisive Border poll, we should guarantee that Northern Ireland builds first-class nationalist services and a genuine shared future,” helium said.

Ulster Unionist MLA Mike Nesbitt said the figures showed a “modern, pluralist society” was processing successful Northern Ireland. “Whilst overmuch of the absorption volition beryllium connected the spiritual headcount, it has been evident for galore decades that not each Catholics are nationalists oregon republicans and not each Protestants ballot for unionist parties,” helium said.

Dr Ian Shuttleworth, a colonisation geographer astatine Queen’s University, Belfast, said the census showed “a large woody of diverseness and … complexity here”.

He besides said it was important that Northern Ireland was “getting much divers successful presumption of radical being calved extracurricular these islands”.

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