Fix it up: A town pub in Co Cork for residential conversion

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What is it? A tiny accepted pub premises with residential abstraction overhead successful the Cork Village of Killavullen.

Tell maine much astir the place...
Killavullen is located astir equidistant betwixt Mallow and Ballyhooly and not acold from Castletownroche. The premises measures 1,300 sq ft and would beryllium thought for afloat conversion to a backstage location of large character.
Accommodation includes the erstwhile lounge with its barroom counter, a store room, a men’s and ladies’ toilets and there’s besides a sitting room, a chamber and a bathroom. To the rear the spot has a backstage yard.

The atrocious news?
You’re going to person put successful conversion from a pub to residential abstraction arsenic good the accustomed modernising you mightiness need. The play gathering volition request insulation, caller interior walls, rewiring, replumbing, a caller bath and you’ll request a sympathetic attraction for the beforehand to support it arsenic a portion of this historical town.

And the bully news?
The price. While it’s bittersweet that pubs are closing each implicit agrarian Ireland, the buildings are often cleanable for residential conversion and connection an accidental for residential buyers prepared to deliberation extracurricular the box. Former pubs connection acold much level abstraction than accepted homes for the money. This is simply a gathering of enactment successful the town. And you could ever support the barroom antagonistic if you fancy having an authentic 1 successful your home.


The interior of the pub

The interior of the pub

The interior of the pub

How overmuch to bargain it?
The asking terms is conscionable €70,000.

And to hole it up?
You’ll request a survey to assistance you ascertain the outgo successful a marketplace wherever gathering and labour are rising but apt betwixt €100,000 and €150,000 depending connected the prime of the finish.

What volition I extremity up with?
A genuinely antithetic location with societal past wrong scope of Mallow, Fermoy and besides a abbreviated thrust from Cork City. And a decent sized garden.

Who bash I speech to?
William O’Connell of O’Connell Auctioneers (022) 43433 volition assistance with opening time.

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