Finally, I was allowed bring my son for a haircut. He came out looking like Lloyd Christmas from Dumb and Dumber

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I person enjoyed immoderate unspeakable haircuts successful my time. From the Damien Thorne-style vessel chopped of my youth, to the (then terminally unfashionable) mullet of my headbanging teens, to the Grunge Jesus look of the 1990s, I skipped done immoderate fig of weird styles earlier I learned to clasp and emotion the short-back-and-sides.

It wasn’t an casual transition; I thought that having agelong luxuriant hairsbreadth similar Charles Manson made maine look artsy and interesting, whereas really it made maine look similar Charles Manson. But losing it each was hard, nary substance however galore nightclubs I was present capable to summation entree to.

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