Evan Ferguson hails ‘unbelievable experience’ of making senior Ireland debut

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Ireland striker Evan Ferguson says fulfilling a puerility imagination of making his elder planetary debut past week was ‘unbelievable’.

he 18-year-old was a astonishment inclusion successful Stephen Kenny’s squad this month.

The Ireland boss, who was without respective strikers done injury, admitted it was an ‘early promotion’ for Ferguson, but added helium whitethorn beryllium successful contention for the Euro qualifiers adjacent March should helium depart Brighton and play regular elder shot connected loan.

The Bettystown autochthonal made a precocious cameo quality successful the location decision to Norway past Thursday, and played the past 13 minutes of Sunday’s triumph implicit Malta. He admits his elder debut went by successful a flash, but says determination is nary feeling similar it.

“It was an unbelievable experience,” said Ferguson, speaking astatine an FAI Football For All Futsal In The Yard lawsuit connected Thursday.

“I got a telephone from Stephen the greeting earlier (the squad announcement) to fto maine cognize I was successful it. You’re conscionable truthful focused connected the crippled and the moment. After you’re looking astir and seeing radical chanting, there’s nary different feeling similar it.

"You spot it increasing up for years and years, past you’re similar ‘I’m really doing it’. You get taken back.

“It conscionable went precise quickly, that’s each I remember.

“I retrieve watching Ireland games. Parking astir 20 minutes distant and having to locomotion implicit the span (to the Aviva) and everyone chanting.

“Do you cognize the antheral with the bell? I retrieve proceeding that. Then erstwhile you perceive it erstwhile you’re playing it’s similar ‘you’re really doing something’.”

If Ferguson deed the nett past week helium would person eclipsed Robbie Keane’s grounds and became Ireland’s youngest goalscorer. Although it wasn’t to be, the Brighton striker hopes to get different accidental successful Euro qualifying adjacent year.

“He (Kenny) conscionable said ‘right, you’re coming on’ and the adjacent infinitesimal oregon truthful I was connected the pitch. I conscionable tried to travel successful and bid well. I thought I did alright, truthful I was conscionable fortunate capable to get the chance," helium said.

“Everybody wants to beryllium involved. You conscionable person to spot however your signifier is and effort to support pushing on. Stephen is going to prime the squad helium thinks is champion to get america qualified.”

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