Elon Musk says he will find a new leader for Twitter

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Elon Musk said connected Wednesday helium expected to trim his clip astatine Twitter and yet find a caller person to tally the societal media company, adding that helium hoped to implicit an organizational restructuring this week.

usk made the remarks portion testifying successful a Delaware tribunal to support against claims that his $56bn wage bundle astatine Tesla Inc was based connected casual to execute show targets and was approved by a compliant committee of directors.

However Musk aboriginal said successful a tweet that helium volition proceed to tally Twitter until it is successful a beardown place, though it volition "take immoderate time."

Musk's tweet came aft erstwhile CEO Jack Dorsey said that helium volition not judge the relation of Twitter CEO. In a reply to a Twitter idiosyncratic erstwhile asked if helium would instrumentality the presumption of CEO, helium said "nope."

Tesla investors person been progressively acrophobic astir the clip that Musk is devoting to turning astir Twitter.

"There's an archetypal burst of enactment needed post-acquisition to reorganize the company," Musk said successful his testimony. "But past I expect to trim my clip astatine Twitter."

Musk besides admitted that immoderate Tesla engineers were assisting successful evaluating Twitter's engineering teams, but helium said it was connected a "voluntary basis" and "after hours."

The billionaire' s archetypal 2 weeks arsenic Twitter's proprietor has been marked by accelerated alteration and chaos. He rapidly fired Twitter's erstwhile CEO and different elder leaders and past laid disconnected fractional its unit earlier this month.

Musk sent an email to Twitter employees aboriginal Wednesday, telling them they needed to determine by Thursday whether they wanted to enactment connected astatine the institution to enactment "long hours astatine precocious intensity" oregon instrumentality a severance bundle of 3 months of pay.

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