Efforts to restore water supply to thousands of Dublin homes and businesses continue

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# Water Outage

Efforts to reconstruct h2o proviso to thousands of Dublin homes and businesses continue

Around 40,000 properties were affected by the outage yesterday.

IRISH WATER IS inactive moving connected restoring h2o proviso to galore areas successful Dublin that person been affected by outages since yesterday.

A important and high-pressure h2o main burst successful Dublin’s southbound interior metropolis and the proviso had to beryllium turned disconnected portion the contented was being resolved.

Around 40,000 properties, including homes and businesses, person been impacted by the outage.

Irish Water said yesterday that services would resume by 10am today, but determination has been nary denotation since that this volition beryllium achieved.

A spokesperson from Irish Water said yesterday: “We can’t yet corroborate a clip for afloat instrumentality of work to each customers arsenic an appraisal of the burst and resulting harm to the tube volition request to beryllium undertaken earlier a definitive clip tin beryllium confirmed.”

Customers successful the pursuing areas whitethorn beryllium impacted by reduced h2o unit and/or h2o outages until works are completed:

  • Dolphins Barn
  • Harolds Cross
  • Kilmainham
  • Fleet Street
  • Brunswich Street
  • The Liberties
  • Gardener Street
  • Dorset Street
  • Drumcondra
  • Whitehall
  • Artane
  • Coolock
  • Beaumont
  • Fairview
  • Raheny
  • Clontarf
  • Killester
  • Home Farm
  • Surrounding areas

One councillor successful the Artane-Whitehall country said yesterday that they were receiving a precocious fig of calls regarding outages successful the Edenmore, Raheny and Artane areas.

Another councillor successful Clontarf said they had a h2o supply, but that it was moving brown.

Typically it takes 2 to 3 hours pursuing restoration clip for h2o to refill the networks and mean proviso to beryllium afloat restored.

Irish h2o has arranged alternate h2o supplies successful cardinal locations crossed Dublin from 9am this morning.

The locations are: Northside Shopping Centre, Artane Shopping Centre, Killester Shopping Centre, Griffith Avenue adjacent Philpsburgh Avenue, Clontarf Coast Road, Clonliffe Road (Croke Park), Newmarket Square disconnected Cork Street, Howth Road, Killester Village, Smithfield, and North King Street.

Irish Water besides reminded customers to usage their ain containers erstwhile taking h2o from the tankers and to boil h2o earlier depletion arsenic a precautionary measurement arsenic per HSE advice.

The Irish Water lawsuit attraction helpline is unfastened 24/7 connected 1800 278 278 and customers tin besides interaction america connected Twitter @IWCare with immoderate queries.

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