Dr David Coleman: What to do when punishments and rewards no longer work in encouraging good behaviour in kids

4 days ago 13

What bash you bash if your kid laughs successful your face, oregon doesn’t look to care, each clip helium oregon she gets corrected oregon told to bash thing they don’t privation to do? Another scholar precocious asked maine this, and again it reminded maine that I whitethorn not person addressed this here. Like this reader, galore parents whitethorn consciousness that their kid has go inured to each effect oregon punishment that whitethorn antecedently person been effectual successful getting them to alteration their behaviour.

his is, successful fact, a communal result of applying behavioural principles to children’s behaviour. Behavioural mentation suggests that erstwhile we positively reenforce a behaviour (reward oregon praise it) we are much apt to spot it hap again. When we negatively reenforce a behaviour (punish it oregon use immoderate consequence) we should spot little of that behaviour. These are the principles astir parents use to dealing with their children.

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