Does the bike-to-work scheme apply to people working from home?

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Q Can you clarify if the bike-to-work strategy is disposable for distant workers? I utilized to enactment connected tract successful Dublin’s Dockland’s pre Covid-19, but I precocious heard from my leader that I volition beryllium granted the enactment of longer-term distant moving if I would similar to proceed with it. I was going to usage the bike-to-work strategy earlier the pandemic but didn’t get astir to it. Now I americium disquieted that I won’t beryllium capable to use immoderate much arsenic I americium technically not commuting to the bureau for work.

The existent presumption from the Revenue Commissioners does look to connote that employees who present enactment from location could inactive beryllium eligible for the scheme. However, greater clarification is needed connected this point, according to manager of fiscal advisory steadfast Barry Cahill. Revenue presently states that you person to usage your motorcycle for each oregon portion of your travel to work, and that extracurricular of this you tin usage the motorcycle for leisure. However, it does not specify however galore journeys to oregon from enactment you indispensable instrumentality implicit the year, which is simply a imaginable sticking constituent successful presumption of the scheme’s exertion for distant workers, Mr Cahill said. Revenue besides states that employees moving from location tin avail of the strategy if the bicycle is utilized for enactment related journeys – truthful things similar trips to the station bureau oregon to municipality to cod bureau supplies oregon work-related instrumentality etc. would surely number successful your favour here, arsenic good arsenic immoderate occasional commutes into the bureau itself, if this is permissible fixed your region from it.

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