Department of Education removes recognition of post primary parent representative organisation

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An organisation for the parents and guardians of students successful station superior schools has been de-recognised by the Department of Education due to the fact that of its refusal to prosecute with a governance review.

The National Parents’ Council Post Primary (NPCPP) has besides had its backing suspended. The National Parents Council, which is simply a abstracted organisation, has been asked to widen its remit with contiguous effect and enactment station superior parents.

The NPCPP was established successful the precocious 1990s and acts arsenic an umbrella radical for parents associations successful the post-primary sector. It receives the bulk of its backing from the Department.

“The Department has an work to guarantee that each Exchequer funds are accounted for and decently managed and that determination is transparency and accountability successful the absorption of nationalist money,” said a spokesperson for the Department.

In Sept 2022, it awarded a declaration to Governance Ireland for an autarkic adept to behaviour a reappraisal of the governance and fiscal arrangements presently applying successful the NPCPP, and to marque observations and recommendations, the spokesperson said. “The NPCPP’s committee has declined to prosecute with this reappraisal process.”

The Department decided that, successful the circumstances, to marque immoderate further assistance payments would beryllium a breach of its obligations and formally notified NPCPP of its determination to cease funding, the spokesperson said.

“The Education Act 1998 Section 2 refers to designation of ‘national relation of parents’, and the Department has besides advised the NPCPP that it is nary longer a assemblage recognised nether this Act. Parent councils oregon associations successful schools are not impacted by this decision.”

No remark was instantly disposable from NPCPP.

The latest filed accounts for the assembly are for the fiscal twelvemonth 2021, and amusement income of €228,709. The assembly had an mean of 2 employees during the year, according to the accounts.

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