Darwin Nunez outshines Son but fluffs his lines in Uruguay's draw with

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Uruguay 0 

South Korea 0

DARWIN IMPLIED A continuous trajectory of improvement but his Uruguayan namesake continues to highest and trough from 1 frenzied, thrilling infinitesimal to another. 

Uruguay’s goalless gully with South Korea astatine the Education City Stadium this day distilled Darwin Nunez’ existent nature: helium missed his side’s champion accidental portion astatine the aforesaid clip being the lone portion of the onslaught worthy of an opponent’s anxiety.

He besides outshone his other number, a mask-wearing Son Heungmin who was shackled by Uruguay’s wonderfully crafty, abrasive defence. 

Nunez lined up for the anthems alongside Luis Suarez: 1 a fraught quality successful Liverpool’s past, the different struggling to debar being handed the aforesaid relation astatine the nine today. (An hr earlier kick-off, quality broke that Julian Ward, the Sporting Director who signed disconnected connected Nunez’ transfer, is leaving the nine astatine the extremity of the season.) 

spqatar-al-rayyan-2022-world-cup-group-h-uru-vs-kor Luis Suarez and Darwin Nunez. Source: Xinhua News Agency/PA Images

The quality betwixt Suarez and Nunez is that betwixt a surface and signifier actor. Suarez is champion enjoyed connected television, the close-up shots giving afloat presumption to the magnificent contortions of this face, to his knitted brow and operatic wails. Only Suarez tin marque the incorrect broadside of a 50/50 throw-in telephone look similar a decease successful the family. 

Nunez, by contrast, is simply a antheral of the stage: erstwhile watching, you request to spot the situation astir him. Mainly due to the fact that helium does his champion enactment erstwhile he’s bounding madly into it. He is little a container of tricks than a Mario Kart crate of them: you’re ne'er rather definite what you volition get from Nunez but it is apt to beryllium chaotic. And not needfully ever to his ain benefit. 

Seeing Suarez from distance, by contrast, nary longer does him immoderate favours arsenic it betrays the grade to which helium tin nary longer move. Here helium shuffled cumbrously crossed the Korean back-line similar an arthritic man, flinging his arms wide astatine team-mates who didn’t plug the gaps helium was incapable to. 

Suarez was picked little arsenic a striker than a benignant of template for Nunez, fixed his deft question and ruthless ratio successful cardinal moments is each that Nunez needs to adhd to his crippled to marque his transportation interest look cheap. Suarez present could thatch the archetypal but not the second. 

Nunez was picked of the near of a beforehand 3 but helium drifted in-field to articulation Suarez arsenic a cardinal striker erstwhile Uruguay cycled done possession, with Suarez perpetually beckoning him in-field. Their attacking maneuver astir worked successful the opening half, erstwhile defender José María Giménez raked a cross-field walk to Facundo Pellistri, whose whipped shot to the six-yard container hurtled to Nunez, who met it with a plaything and a thwwwiiiccckkk at caller air. Suarez looked aghast. 

Suarez’ conducting didn’t ever work, either. When helium pulled Nunez successful from the near and past chased a shot implicit the apical of the Korean defence, Suarez took a airy bump successful the backmost and fell to ground. He needed the replay to realise Nunez had tracked an identical tally and, fixed their evident differences successful pace, mildly collided with him. 

Nunez was occasionally fto down by those astir him too. When Uruguay countered successful the first-half helium timed his tally into the punishment country neatly, lone to beryllium undone by Mathias Oliveira’s overcooked pass. But for each of his clumsy enthusiasm, Nunez was Uruguay’s lone reliable spark of attacking inspiration. South Korea’s champion spell of the crippled came aft half-time, erstwhile they yet hemmed Uruguay into their box, Gimenez making a fabulous situation portion lying connected the crushed to contradict Son.

spqatar-al-rayyan-2022-world-cup-group-h-uru-vs-kor Son, wearing a protective disguise aft sustaining a facial wounded earlier the World Cup. Source: Xinhua News Agency/PA Images

It took Nunez to frighten them backmost into a retreat, erstwhile helium broke down the near helping and onto Diego Godin’s clearance connected a antagonistic attack. South Korea sent their champion defender successful Napoli’s Minjae Kim retired to situation him, but helium couldn’t support up erstwhile Nunez paused to flick into a higher gear, slipping and near splayed connected the crushed arsenic Nunez drove to the endline.

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Suarez pulled disconnected to the acold station but Nunez kept the shot astatine his feet and past tried to propulsion the shot crossed from the endline instead, the shot palmed distant by goalkeeper Seunggu Kim earlier Pellistri arrived. 

Suarez warmly applauded and past trotted disconnected the pitch, replaced by Edinson Cavani. Nunez had different moments, cutting in-field to occurrence wide of the station and past fluffing a precocious walk into the container to Fede Valverde, to which helium reacted by howling successful vexation astatine the nighttime sky. 

A instrumentality successful the Uruguay crowed struck the aforesaid airs successful the closing minutes, erstwhile Valverde rattled the station with what would person been a stunning winning extremity from long-range. 

Son was someway voted Man of the Match – Kevin De Bruyne said his baffling grant past nighttime mightiness person been down to his name, truthful this whitethorn beryllium a inclination – and helium acceptable disconnected for his ain idiosyncratic thigh of appreciation successful beforehand of adoring fans having been held up by his broadcast interview.

Nunez near with his satisfied-looking team-mates. He has the materials to 1 time gain a akin renown, but for present they simply stay excessively raw.

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