DAA’s Dalton Philips flies off to ready-made sandwich producer

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Few main executives are better-placed to speech astir concern highs and lows than Dalton Philips, who is departing State airports institution DAA aft astir 5 years astatine its helm.

In September 2018, 11 months aft joining, helium announced a €2 cardinal enlargement program for Dublin Airport that would presumption it to grip 40 cardinal passengers a year.

In 2019, a grounds 35.5 cardinal radical utilized Cork and Dublin. Then Covid arrived successful 2020, slashing this to a 26-year debased of 7.9 million, leaving DAA with a €284 cardinal loss.

Philips is leaving to win Patrick Coveney arsenic main enforcement of convenience nutrient and ready-made sandwich shaper Greencore. On the look of it, this looks similar overmuch quieter waters.

Basic pay

It volition besides beryllium better-paid. Philips took a chopped successful 2020 that near his basal wage astatine €216,724. Including pension contributions, helium earned €366,270 that year. His full for a record-breaking 2019 was €398,641, including afloat basal wage of €250,000.

Coveney earned €1.16 cardinal successful 2021. His basal wage was €851,000 portion his €251,000 pension outgo topped the €250,000 astatine which the Government caps the DAA main executive’s salary.

This whitethorn not beryllium the crushed Philips is leaving, but it is thing the committee volition person to see erstwhile appointing a successor. Kevin Toland, the erstwhile DAA main executive, likewise appointed from outside, besides near for a overmuch higher-paid occupation astatine Aryzta.

External flights

The different question is whether oregon not the committee volition erstwhile again look extracurricular the DAA. Philips was the 3rd “external” main executive, pursuing Toland and Declan Collier.

Board rank has changed importantly since Philips’s appointment, with 8 directors joining since 2018. They could good favour an interior candidate. If so, determination are immoderate evident choices: Niall MacCarthy, who runs Cork Airport; Vincent Harrison, managing manager of Dublin; DAA International main Nicholas Cole; his Aer Rianta International counterpart Ray Hernan; and concern caput Catherine Gubbins.

It goes without saying that if the wage headdress becomes an contented and the Government is consenting to change it for an outer candidate, it volition besides person to bash truthful for anyone from DAA’s ranks.

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