‘Clutch player’ Ross Byrne ready to shine with Ireland – Luke McGrath

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Leinster’s Luke McGrath admits the dressing-room feels “strange” with 20 players connected Ireland work astatine the moment, but believes the model provides a invaluable accidental for younger players to marque an impression.

eo Cullen’s squad volition beryllium devoid of 20 Ireland players implicit the adjacent 2 months, who are engaged preparing for their Six Nations opener against Wales connected February 4.

McGrath has 19 planetary caps to his name, but has not featured for Ireland since their World Cup semi-final decision to the All Blacks successful 2019. At 29 years old, helium is 1 of the much experienced players remaining successful campy this month.

Although it’s quieter astir the corridors of their UCD basal now, helium expects the younger endowment to soon find their voice, with URC tests against Cardiff, Dragons and Edinburgh coming up.

​“It’s precise quiet, but we addressed it. It’s a monolithic accidental for a batch of younger lads,” said McGrath, up of Leinster’s URC clash against Cardiff astatine the RDS connected Saturday.

“It’s precise strange, adjacent though I person seen it implicit the past fewer Six Nations. We person a elder changing country and an academy one, and I deliberation there’s lone six elder lads determination astatine the minute.

“I tin spot however keen a batch of the younger lads are to bid and play arsenic well. They are great weeks. We talked astir everyone bringing energy, due to the fact that we’re going to beryllium successful this radical for the adjacent 3 oregon 4 games.

“A batch of the elder lads would talk much often. It’s conscionable astir encouraging the younger lads to talk up. It’s mode much quiet, particularly connected the pitch. It’s precise important that fellas pass connected the pitch. Hopefully, they’ll find their dependable arsenic the week goes on, I’m definite they will.”

Leinster are presently connected an unthinkable tally of 16 wins from 16 successful each competitions. Cullen’s broadside are 11 points wide astatine the apical of the URC table, and topped their Champions Cup Pool with a 26-point triumph against Racing 92 past weekend.

McGrath is pleased his broadside are riding connected the crest of a wave, but insists they indispensable not get up of themselves earlier their Champions Cup last-16 necktie against Ulster successful the spring.

“It’s 10 weeks to the adjacent game, truthful overmuch tin happen,” said McGrath, who won his 50th European headdress astatine the Aviva past Saturday.

“We’re successful large signifier astatine the minute. Garry Ringrose summed it up successful the changing rooms aft (Racing) and said, ‘Just ne'er hide each the hard enactment we’ve enactment in, support pushing each other’.

“Ulster is truthful acold distant astatine the minute. There’s a afloat Six Nations connected before, signifier tin alteration and players tin dip successful and out. For us, it’s conscionable astir getting the younger lads much experience. You ne'er cognize who volition be called upon successful 10 weeks’ time.

“The interpros are truthful different, there’s conscionable an other wound and spice to it. Ulster are good utilized to playing successful the Aviva astatine this stage. It volition beryllium a immense test, but it’s brilliant. These are the games you privation to play in.”

McGrath besides praised his team-mate Ross Byrne, who earned a spot successful Andy Farrell’s Six Nations squad past week, with the No 9 labelling the out-half arsenic a “clutch player” and suggesting that his match-winning punishment against Australia past November has changed however Irish supporters presumption Byrne.

“He does the basics incredibly well, I’ve ever held him successful the highest regard,” added McGrath of Byrne.

“He lives for those unit moments. His kicking for extremity is exceptional, there’s not galore players retired determination who are better. He’s been playing brilliantly for the past 4 years. I’m truthful delighted for him and really looking guardant to seeing him successful the Six Nations.”

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