Citywest accommodation hub to stay shut as State tells refugees to defer travel

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Refugees intending to question asylum successful Ireland person been told to defer immoderate question plans amid a terrible shortage of disposable accommodation.

The State present plans to support the Citywest hub closed to planetary extortion (IP) applicants seeking exigency structure for astatine slightest different 4 days arsenic the migration situation enters an “extremely hard phase”.

The Department of Children and Integration confirmed connected Tuesday that big IP applicants would not beryllium accepted into the hub’s exigency accommodation area. Instead, they volition person their accusation taken and volition beryllium contacted if accommodation becomes available.

A elder Government root said the magnitude of closure volition beryllium longer than was antecedently the case, and those closures lasted betwixt 3 and 4 days. Beyond this clip period, the concern volition beryllium connected accomplishment numbers and the availability of accommodation.

The Irish Refugee Council described the exigency structure intermission arsenic an “extremely alarming” and “unprecedented” situation. In the Dáil, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar said the Government was unfastened to holding a afloat Dáil statement connected the concern aft Labour person Ivana Bacik expressed interest astir the pause.

The State has present asked radical who “are considering seeking refuge” successful Ireland but are presently successful places of information “not to question to Ireland astatine this clip and to defer making question arrangements” owed to pressures related to the migration situation intensifying.

The Department of Children said successful societal media posts that the petition was being made owed to “a terrible shortage of disposable accommodation”.

There are peculiar pressures successful accommodating azygous men from extracurricular of Ukraine, portion the section has besides warned that the outlook for accommodation for radical fleeing the warfare successful Ukraine is “challenging”. There were immoderate 830 planetary extortion applicants successful the Citywest installation connected Tuesday greeting and the Government said it had reached capacity.

The Citywest hub volition stay operational for processing radical arriving successful the State but is not successful a presumption to supply exigency overflow accommodation to caller big applicants.

The International Protection Accommodation Service (IPAS) volition inactive supply accommodation for families with children.

“Due to the nationwide shortage of disposable accommodation for planetary extortion applicants, peculiarly azygous males, the transit hub has been providing exigency structure portion applicants hold to beryllium assigned to accommodation,” the section said. “It is nary longer imaginable to supply exigency structure to IP adults arsenic the transit hub has present reached capacity.”

Any applicants who bash not unafraid accommodation erstwhile they get volition person their details taken and volition beryllium contacted “as soon arsenic accommodation becomes available”, the section said, adding that the argumentation volition beryllium kept nether review.

The State has, since aboriginal past year, accommodated much than 73,000 radical who person fled the warfare successful Ukraine oregon made applications done the IP system.

“The effect to the ongoing migration situation has present entered an highly hard phase, with insufficient accommodation disposable nationwide for planetary extortion applicants, and the outlook for accommodation for radical fleeing the warfare successful Ukraine is besides challenging,” the section said.

Minister for Children and Integration Roderic O’Gorman warned past week that further closures of the Citywest installation were coming down the track, with Ministers preparing for a script wherever the aforesaid fig of refugees arrives into Ireland this twelvemonth arsenic last.

Modelling scenarios person been presented to Ministers which item however an other 19,450 refugees could get successful Ireland by the extremity of March, the equivalent of immoderate 1,220 a week. If this signifier held for the remainder of the year, the full fig of arrivals this twelvemonth could scope 65,000.

Government sources would not beryllium drawn connected Tuesday connected whether further information measures would beryllium needed astatine Citywest, aft 3 radical were taken to infirmary with insignificant injuries connected Monday evening pursuing a disturbance involving a radical of men. Staff successful the Department of Justice and Department of Social Protection were understood to person near the installation portion a clean-up took spot yesterday morning.

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