Ask the doctor: How can I clear my toddler's recurrent conjunctivitis for once and for all?

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Question: For astir 3 months connected and off, my two-and-a-half-year-old keeps getting conjunctivitis. It was going astir her creche backmost successful precocious February, and definite enough, she picked it up there. She has been prescribed 3 antithetic antibiotic oculus drops which look to wide it up aft astir a week, but different week oregon truthful aft that it seems to travel back. I’ve been precise cautious to lavation her furniture linen each time and lavation her toys arsenic overmuch arsenic possible. How tin I get escaped of this erstwhile and for all?

Dr Grant replies: The aesculapian word for the achromatic portion of your oculus is the sclera. The sclera covers astir the full aboveground of the eyeball and provides attachments for the muscles that power the question of the eyeball. To the beforehand of the eye, the portion that we tin spot successful a mirror, the sclera is lined by the conjunctiva — a wide bladed membrane of escaped connective tissue. The conjunctiva covers not lone the beforehand of the eyeball but besides the under-surface of the eyelids. Along with teardrop accumulation from the lacrimal glands, the conjunctiva helps to lubricate the oculus and provides extortion from dust, debris and infection.

Conjunctivitis (an inflammation successful the conjunctiva) is 1 of the astir communal causes of red-eye. The underlying origin whitethorn beryllium infectious (bacterial oregon viral, some are highly contagious) oregon non-infectious (e.g. triggered by allergies). Itching is highly suggestive of allergic conjunctivitis, and isn’t usually a salient diagnostic successful infectious conjunctivitis.

The bulk of infectious cases are viral. Nevertheless, bacterial conjunctivitis is recovered much commonly successful children versus adults. Bacterial conjunctivitis is dispersed by nonstop interaction with the diligent and their secretions, oregon with contaminated objects and surfaces. There’s astir apt a multitude of reasons wherefore that is, specified arsenic children’s manus hygiene is not arsenic bully and they thin to enactment their hands to their look a batch much often than adults.

During an oculus infection, determination is mostly a red/pink colour to the whites of the oculus (erythema), a white/green/yellow discharge oregon pus, particularly successful the greeting (when the affected oculus is often crusted implicit oregon stuck shut) and adjacent immoderate mild oculus pain, often described arsenic a burning, sandy, oregon gritty feeling, which is exacerbated by blinking.

Infectious conjunctivitis tends to respond to topical antibiotic oculus drops wrong 24 hours, surely astatine 48 hours. At this point, you request to proceed attraction for different 48 hours aft the oculus appears better. In theory, lone bacterial conjunctivitis should beryllium prescribed antibiotic treatment. But successful reality, it tin beryllium hard to archer the quality (in presumption of objective signs and symptoms) betwixt the 2 types of infection. Generally, a full of 5 days attraction is capable but sometimes you whitethorn request to spell to 7 days.

In my opinion, you are astir apt already doing your champion to assistance forestall recurrent conjunctivitis. Toddlers successful daycare centres thin to prime up everything that’s doing the rounds. There’s nary request to alteration each her bedlinen daily, but it seems tenable to alteration her pillow lawsuit much than erstwhile per week.

If your daughter’s oculus corruption recurs, you could see bringing her to a section optician for a slit lamp examination. This volition steadfast up the diagnosis and constituent you successful the close absorption successful presumption of treatment. The optician volition sermon eyelid hygiene and regular attraction to assistance forestall infection.

Dr Jennifer Grant is simply a GP with Beacon HealthCheck

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