Ask Adrian: the best camera to capture wildlife and mini reviews of Onyx’s Boox Tab X and Lenovo’s Thinkpad X1 Carbon

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Question This twelvemonth is simply a landmark day for me. My woman and I are yet going connected safari. I promised myself that erstwhile it came about, I’d dainty myself to a truly bully camera to seizure the animals. I’m not acrophobic to walk a fewer 1000 euro, but don’t privation thing that’s excessively dense arsenic I’d anticipation to usage it again for different trips successful the coming years. I’m acquainted with the basics successful however to usage integer cameras and I’ve utilized a starter Canon DSLR connected and disconnected for household birthdays and get together. I cognize I’ll request to walk arsenic overmuch connected the lens(es) arsenic the camera body. What would you recommend? — Mark Ryan

Happy day successful advance! You person a fewer options. The astir beginner-friendly 1 is to get an all-in-one superzoom that takes astir of the hassle (and the expense) retired of it. This would beryllium thing similar Sony’s RX10 Mark IV (€1,999), which goes from a ‘wide’ 24mm to detail-friendly superzoom close-ups of 600mm. 600mm is astir the aforesaid zoom magnitude arsenic astir costly wildlife lenses. This camera is astir the aforesaid size arsenic the starter Canon DSLR you accidental you’re utilized to.

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