Ask Adrian: How to edit old camcorder footage and choosing the right phone upgrade

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Question: I person loads of household videos taken erstwhile my kids were tiny (they’re each grown up now). At the clip cipher other had a camcorder connected our roadworthy truthful these videos are precise precious arsenic each my kids’ friends are successful them astatine immoderate signifier oregon other. I person since transferred them to my machine and I besides gave each of my kids copies of the DVDs. My question is: is it imaginable to ‘cherry pick’ sections of the videos with each of the friends successful them? All their friends person been asking america if they tin person the segments they are in. I’m wondering if determination is simply a bundle I could bargain that would bash the occupation for me, bearing successful caput that I americium not the astir computer-literate person. — Finola Flynn

Answer: Yes. It should beryllium rather casual to do, too. You’ve done the cardinal portion already: transferring them to your computer. I’m assuming that they’re present stored arsenic video files of varying sizes. What you request present is 2 things: a video editing programme to chop retired and compile clips and a mode of transferring them to whoever wants specified the footage.

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