An Cailín Ciúin: “We've failed to live up to that line in the Proclamation about taking care of our children”

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IT HAS been hailed arsenic 1 of the champion Irish films ever made connected its merchandise this week.

ut successful fact, An Cailín Ciúin (The Quiet Girl) has been softly making waves since its debut astatine the Berlin International Film Festival last February. It was awarded 2 honours astatine the prestigious movie festival.

At this year's Irish Film & Television Awards (IFTAs), the Irish-language movie swept the board, winning 7 awards including Best Director for Colm Bairéad, Best Lead Actress for Catherine Clinch, and Best Film.

More awesome inactive is the information that An Cailín Ciúin saw disconnected Kenneth Branagh's Belfast for the apical prizes.

Bairéad describes beating the multi-Oscar nominee arsenic "mind-blowing". 

"For our virtually quiescent small movie to person made that overmuch sound was rather extraordinary. Certainly not a nighttime we'll forget," added Bairéad.

Much has been made of the information that the movie is successful the Irish language, whereas the novella (Foster, by Claire Keegan) is successful English.

Bairéad made the movie successful the Irish connection to instrumentality vantage of the Cine4 strategy from Screen Ireland, TG4 and the BAI. 

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He also wanted the movie to bespeak "the limitations of the Irish language" and however "we often neglect to usage connection arsenic a instrumentality to accidental however we truly feel”.

"I've ever been cognisant of the information that I wanted to support everything integrated and to respect Irish society, showing that it's not this monolingual satellite wherever radical are speaking for nary peculiar reason," helium says.

"My ain acquisition is being raised bilingually and I was funny successful adding that textural quality.

"I was besides funny successful utilizing connection arsenic a signifier of characterisation and not conscionable arsenic commentary. For example, you've the begetter quality (played by Michael Patric) who is the English talker successful the family.

"I benignant of similar the conception that if you were incapable to pass successful this language, past it's different barrier, and frankincense helium struggles to marque immoderate benignant of meaningful transportation with his children oregon his wife.”

Bairéad adds: "I was besides funny successful the nonverbal. As a filmmaker, that's thing I'm going to research anyway.

“That's what cinema is – it's Hitchcockian. You should beryllium capable to recognize 90pc of a movie without immoderate dialogue. And past there's besides truthful galore antithetic types of soundlessness successful the film.

"There's the soundlessness of shame, the soundlessness of grief, and successful a weird way, there's adjacent the soundlessness of love, that's truthful hard for america to accidental and to explicit to those closest to us."

Bairéad held unfastened auditions, chiefly successful Gaeltacht areas successful Munster, to find his titular lead. However, it was a portion by a small miss from Rathmines, southbound Dublin, who stole his bosom (and aboriginal the audience's).

"Cleona [Ní Chrualaoí] the producer, who's besides my wife, saw the portion first. She rang maine and said, 'Oh my God, you person to spot this. This miss is incredible.'

"It was conscionable truly evident from the get-go. She (Catherine Clinch) even taped successful the close rooms crossed her house, truthful she'd gone that other mile successful her performance.

"And the quality of it was that she conscionable had that interiority that was what her quality was each about. That makes her truthful compelling.

"She conscionable has this bonzer quality to emote with existent strength, and she's besides precise guarded successful a mode that's ideally suited to that quality and the intelligence constitution of her character."

Bairéad speaks of however the impulse to marque An Cailín Ciúin was "to let a young idiosyncratic a dependable astatine a clip erstwhile young radical often had none”.

He continues: "When we made the film, we were precise alert of the clip successful which the movie [came from] and of this mediocre past successful Ireland, successful presumption of however we've treated our younger citizens.

"We've benignant of failed to unrecorded up to that enactment successful the Irish Proclamation astir taking attraction of the children of the nation. And adjacent though our movie isn't truly a critique of immoderate organization maltreatment oregon thing similar that, I'm inactive truly gladsome to spot that radical person been precise alert of that being the backdrop to our film.”

An Cailín Ciúin is connected wide merchandise successful Irish cinemas.

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