Airports had little time to prepare for post-Covid surge, says industry chief

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Dublin Airport Departures: Governments gave aviation small clip to hole for the surge successful question that followed lifted restrictions, an manufacture person says. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

By Barry O'Halloran

Thu Jun 23 2022 - 12:22

European airports had small to clip to hole for governments’ lifting of Covid curbs oregon the surge successful question that followed, according to a starring aviation manufacture chief.

Javier Marín, president of Airports Council International Europe (ACI), told the organisation’s league connected Thursday that request for question bushed expectations portion businesses successful the assemblage struggled with labour shortages.

Dublin Airport is racing to prosecute information officers arsenic Irish radical caput overseas pursuing 2 years of restrictions, portion ground-handling and different work businesses besides confess that they look unit shortages.

Bottlenecks successful airports crossed Europe, including London, Amsterdam and Paris, person forced airlines to cancel immoderate flights.

Asked if the manufacture could person been amended prepared, Mr Marín said: “I honestly bash not deliberation so.”

He argued that governments gave airports small announcement of decisions to assistance restrictions, truthful they had small clip to guarantee they had the resources to header with accrued request for travel.

Mr Marín noted that aviation was nary longer considered to beryllium arsenic charismatic an leader arsenic it was successful the past.

“When you look astatine crushed handling successful particular, we person to find a amended equilibrium betwixt competitiveness and the societal sustainability of the employment connected offer,” helium said.

Addressing the league successful Rome, Mr Marín pointed retired that Irish regulators were among those seeking to support airdrome charges debased portion expecting the facilities to invest.

Dublin Airport proprietor DAA is seeking increases successful rider charges to wage for concern it says is needed for the future.

“Any institution indispensable instrumentality the steps indispensable to stay a viable business,” said Mr Marín.

“As airlines are expanding their fares to passengers arsenic they recover, truthful indispensable airports beryllium capable to summation charges to their customers too.”

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