Addiction recovery: ‘I think everyone suffers from the inner critic – it’s just part of the human condition’

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Bernard West was archetypal diagnosed with hepatitis C successful 2017 erstwhile helium was property 42. “I’m an ex intravenous cause idiosyncratic (IVDU). I would person been successful recovery, and I relapsed and was surviving connected the streets. I was utilizing ace cocaine.” Bernard utilized a contaminated syringe. “Where I was successful my beingness astatine that stage, I didn’t truly care, you know? I was utilizing drugs to die. I conscionable didn’t care, and I took the needle disconnected my friend.”

is older sister recovered him connected the street, and asked him to travel location to her house. She had fundamentally reared him, helium explains now, taking him ‘under her wing’ arsenic children increasing up successful the Oliver Bond country of Dublin, erstwhile their parents were retired astatine work.

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