Actor Brian Gleeson: ‘Anyone who says they don’t ever look themselves up is a liar – It is very hard not to read reviews’

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The past clip Brian Gleeson performed connected stage, it was to a wholly bare house. It was the tallness of the pandemic, and Irish theatre companies were trying, with varying degrees of success, to power from the boards to the tiny screen. Gleeson starred successful the streaming of The Saviour successful The Everyman successful Cork. It was directed by Louise Lowe, who chopped to the deserted stalls to amplify that the ambiance and magic was missing. “Film and TV seemed to halt for 5 minutes... but it was decidedly the theatre that was deed large time. Theatre was wholly banjaxed by [the virus],” Brian says.

his month, helium is performing to overmuch fuller houses successful the Gate Theatre’s accumulation of Nick Payne’s Constellations. The two-hander, which besides stars Sarah Morris, is simply a high-concept emotion communicative that uses sliding doors to determination betwixt alternate dimensions and universes. A romanticist narration forms and implodes arsenic the publication moves forward, backward and sideways.

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